Why order a fit kit? 

You have taken the hoof measurments les mesures des pieds

1) Measurments correspond exactly to the sizes of the hoofboots you want. The boot is forgiving : you don't need to ask for a fit kit 

2) The measurments don't correspond exactly or the boots are very tight and acurate around the hoof : you need a fit kit 

How do you get a fit kit? 

To get a fit kit, we need to have the measurments of each hoof : width and length so 2 numbers per hoof  

 You can look how to take the good measurments on the page  la page dédiée aux mesures

You will choose one or several models depending of your wihes and advice from your hoofpractitionner or SOS SABOTS. 

The cost will be 7 euros to sen dit, 7 euros for you to send it back (prices for 2022 in France) and 30 euros for renting the fit kit. These 30 euros will then be deducted from the pair of boots you will buy within a month. 

We ask as well for a 100 euros deposit. This can be a cheque (that won't be cashed unless you don't send the fit kit back on time) ot a credit card (visa, mastercard) number. We will keep these numbers until you return the fit kit.

You can as well do a bank wire. These 100 euros will be refunded if you don't buy.

The credit cards with limited validity cannot be accepted as deposit   

So if you pay by cheque, you need to write 2 cheques :one for 44 € for France (30 euros + twice 7 euros) and  one for 100 € that won't be cashed.

 The kit is lended for ONE week. If the fit kit is not back after a week, we will cash the deposit..

Several models haven't got a fit kit : the sizes are enough to choose the right size. 

For some models, the fit kit is compulsary as 2 measurments is not enough to find a 3 dimansion boot. The fit kit is NOT a whole boot, so you cannot go on a hack with it to test it. It allows you to choose the right size. 

Sometimes, when fit kits don't exist, we sent an old boot to let you try.   

 If you have any problems to send us your kit within the deadline, please call us to explain, so we won't cash the deposit. 

How to deal with your fit kit? 

The answer is not that easy as every model is different. You can ring us up and ask if you have any doubts.

There are a few general rules : 

  • Try every hoof to fit  and preferably not far after trimming (maximum 10 days) 

  • There is no need to protect the hooves with plastic ti try as there are not new boots. You just need to clean them, wash and dry, before you send them back. 

  • Try all different models and sizes you received, that will give you a general idea. 

  • The toe must go at the end of the boot, this can be the difficult part. If there is space in front of the boot, you can then loose the boot as it is too big, and the breakover won't be at the right place. 

  • In general, better the boot is adjusted and less chance there is that it urns or rubs 

  • If you have a ny doubts and questions, please ask them BEFORE sending back your fit kit. We will certainly ask you to look at some things and you will need to try them again es

  • If you notice you ordered the wrong sizes, don't panic, please call 0474887903 and we'll send you more sizes.