Equine Fusion

Equine Fusion has started  when a race horse owner wasn't happy with the iron shoes that his horse was wearing. He was seeing a vet and an osteopath very regularely, but he still wasn't too comfortable

he owner decided to take off the iron shoes and to create rubber shoes : Equine fusion company was born

The main goal is to have "happy performing horses". 

When the horses are nor working, thay can be bare feet and comfortable in their field / stable.

When they work (including sporting activities as showjumping, endurance riding, cross country) they wear well adapted shoes to absorb the shocks and be comfortable

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Semelles pour hipposandales...
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Jogging Ultimate
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All Terrain Ultra hoofboot
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24/7 jogging shoe (Glue-on)
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Active jogging shoe Hoofboot
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Trekking hoofboot
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