Therapy boots

Therapy boots are used for a wide range of temporary conditions and problems.

When are therapy boots useful? 

A therapy boot is used when the horse is not working. They are intended for use in the stable or paddock, but not for work or in large meadows.

This therapy boot must first and foremost be comfortable and will be similar to a slipper.

Except for a very short period of time or for a very thin sole boot, it is advisable to put boots on both feet (right and left) in order to maintain lateral balance of the horse and to avoid causing other pathologies.

The first and easiest case could be the loss of an iron shoe on a shod horse, which risks damaging its hoof if left unprotected.

Your horse may also suffer after a shoe removal, while waiting for the hoof to strengthen.

The therapy boot can also be used during transport so that your horse does not suffer from the vibrations of the road. The therapy boot will absorb these shocks.

More serious pathologies may require the use of a therapy boot: in the event of laminitis (acute or chronic), the horse will be immediately relieved by a boot with a thick outer sole and a shock-absorbing inner sole.

In periods of heavy rain and muddy fields, you can have your horse wear boots to prevent the effects of mud.

If a therapy boot is out of stock, it can sometimes be replaced by a working boot: call us on this line for more information on this subject : 0033 (0)474887903.

How do I choose a therapy boot?

There are many different types of therapy boots, they are chosen according to use.

If the horse remains in a stable and the foot is not sensitive (shoe pulling, bandaging), you can choose a thin sole boot.

If the horse goes out to the paddock, you'll need a thicker, sturdier sole boot, but you won't need much cushioning.

If the horse is in a lot of pain (laminitis), you'll need to choose a boot with a thick sole that insulates it from the ground, plus an inner sole that absorbs ground vibrations and insulates the sole from the hoof.

The fit will not be as close to the foot as for a working boot. This is one of the reasons why they cannot be used for work.

Therapy Hoofboots are not designed to be worn in large spaces, as they will deteriorate very quickly.

Nor are they designed to be put on horseshoes. In this case, the guarantee would not apply.

Please call 0033 (0)474887903 after taking precise measurements of each foot for further advice.

Therapy hoofboots for hoof protection and care

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