Keratex history

Keratex is a family run business, created in 1990 with the first famous product "Keratex Hoof Hardener"

It has been invented by Dr John Irving MBE, phD, C Eng. HE patended his first produts and was a head of his business until 2011 when he passed away

The Keratex range has grown and carries on expanding.

The keratex hoofcare product develops by working through common problems that relate to the horse's hooves. He uses his technical and experience knowledge.

They work closely with the VMD in the UK and FDA in the US

Keratex today

Keratex has become the leader in hoofcare products, as the products are revolutionery, high tech and they work!!

They are proud to say that all products are manufactured in the UK and most suppliers are local


There are 10 products.

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Keratex Hoofgel
(5/5) out of 2 total ratings
Keratex Hoof Moisturiser
(5/5) out of 1 total ratings
Keratex Nail Hole Damage...
(4,4/5) out of 5 total ratings
Keratex Mud field Powder
(2,5/5) out of 2 total ratings
Keratex Feed supplement for...
(2/5) out of 2 total ratings
Keratex Hoof hardener
(4,4/5) out of 16 total ratings
Keratex coconut oil hoof balm
(5/5) out of 1 total ratings