Pleasure riding hoofboots

Most people use wrap-around horse boots. They are the easiest to use and the most forgiving when it comes to trimming.


When should I use wrap-around hoofboots?

The choice of horse boots depends on the number of hours the horse will be wearing them. It's not a question of strength or sturdiness, only rubbing against the skin.

Wrap-around boots are recommended for up to 10 to 12 hours a week.

Of course, this varies from one horse to another, some having more fragile skin than others. Some horses can keep them on for 8 hours a day for a week, others cannot.

You should also be aware that the tighter the boot strap, the lower the risk of rubbing. If it is very loose, in addition to the risk of it turning and you losing it, there will be more rubbing.

To minimise the risk of irritation, you need to follow the procedure for 'breaking in' your boots and use talcum powder when you first use them (never use greasy products, as your boot will slide around like a ring with soap). And above all, think ahead: do not order your boots in a hurry the week before the trail!

And do not forget: some second-hand boots (like human shoes) may have been deformed if the foot was not adapted to the boot or if it was badly used.

In some hoofboots, additional protection can be added to the inside of the shoe to limit irritation.


Modern materials help to reduce problems, and chafing is now rare if you have chosen the right model and the right size, and if you have done regular trimming and a good "breaking-in".

With wrap-around boots, you can go hiking for a weekend. If you want to go away for a week or more, you'll have to opt for a close-fitting boot.

With wrap-around hoofboots, you can also do short endurance races (generally up to 40 km), work on the flat, trotting and jumping.


These boots are generally easier to fit on the hoof, as they rise higher and are harder to "throw off", so they are generally the ones to choose for difficult conditions, such as steep gradients and jumping...

How do I choose a wrap-around boot?

The size of the foot will be the ultimate judge. There is no question of choosing a boot that looks attractive but is not shaped to fit your horse's hooves.

You will need to determine the shape of the foot: is there a difference between the width and the length? Be careful, the accuracy must be to the nearest millimetre.

If the values are equivalent, we will call this foot "round".

If the foot is longer than it is wide, what is the difference? 0.5 cm? 1 cm? more?

Or is the foot wider than it is long?

If the measurements seem abnormal, do not hesitate to go back and measure the hoof.


Are you sure you have not measured the heel bulbs? Did you stop at the end of the lateral sulci?

If the hoof is wider than it is long, are there flares or not? Draft horses, in particular, are used to this and a simple rasp to the right and left can solve the problem.

It is important to choose your boot after a well-executed trimming and then to preserve the shape and size of the hoof. Hoofboots will not meet your expectations and will deteriorate more quickly if you allow the hooves to grow too much.


Once the measurements have been determined, all you have to do is look in the charts for boots that match this shape.

Some models come in 2 shapes: round and oval. Others are adaptable in length. And some are somewhere in between.

It is all up to you! But do not panic, if you cannot figure it out on your own, we are here to help (0033 (0)4 74 88 79 03).


Sometimes, however, you will have several models to choose from. It will then be up to you to read through the advantages of each boot and decide what is closest to your heart, or simply what you like best: at this stage, trust your intuition (and not the comments of friends who have a horse completely different from yours...).

Please call us again at this stage to find the characteristic that will be important to you in your hoofboot choice.

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