• Easycare

  • Equine Fusion

    Equine Fusion has started  when a race horse owner wasn't happy with the iron shoes that his horse was wearing. He was seeing a vet and an osteopath very regularely, but he still wasn't too comfortable

    he owner decided to take off the iron shoes and to create rubber shoes : Equine fusion company was born

    The main goal is to have "happy performing horses". 

    When the horses are nor working, thay can be bare feet and comfortable in their field / stable.

    When they work (including sporting activities as showjumping, endurance riding, cross country) they wear well adapted shoes to absorb the shocks and be comfortable

  • Edhya

  • Flex Hoofboots

    Flex Hoofboots is a young brand in the hoofboots world but it has been thought by some experienced hoof trimmers.

    The result is a light boot, that helps the horse in difficult ground without being too bulky.

    They are easy to put us and there are lots of diffrent colours to please the human beings as well as the horses

  • Scoot Boots

    Scoot Boots Hoofboots have been designed by a farrier to provide comfort for horses while allowing bare feet to move freely and naturally over all types of terrain. They are highly versatile, suitable for both leisure and sporting performance. Lightweight and open, they're a brand that's appreciated all over the world for their easy practical slip-on fit. Coloured straps add a touch of originality to match different saddle cloths.

  • Keratex

    Keratex history

    Keratex is a family run business, created in 1990 with the first famous product "Keratex Hoof Hardener"

    It has been invented by Dr John Irving MBE, phD, C Eng. HE patended his first produts and was a head of his business until 2011 when he passed away

    The Keratex range has grown and carries on expanding.

    The keratex hoofcare product develops by working through common problems that relate to the horse's hooves. He uses his technical and experience knowledge.

    They work closely with the VMD in the UK and FDA in the US

    Keratex today

    Keratex has become the leader in hoofcare products, as the products are revolutionery, high tech and they work!!

    They are proud to say that all products are manufactured in the UK and most suppliers are local

  • Red Horse products

  • EVO

  • Floting boots

  • Lander Industries

  • SOS Sabots

  • Easyboot

  • Save Edge

  • New Legend

  • Vettec

  • Swiss Galoper

  • Jump your hair

  • Cavallo

  • Trixie

  • Julius K9

  • Herbisan

  • First Equine

  • Explora

  • Tubbease

    Tubbease™ was developed in New Zealand by Cambridge farrier Erin Hampson-Tindale.  

    Tubbease is a veterinary hoofboot brand.

  • Hoofstar

    Brand developped and tested in Germany. The stamp "Made in Germany" shows the quality of these hoofboots.

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