Performance riding hoofboots

These hoofboots are light and close to the foot, but require more regular hoof monitoring.

When should close fitting hoofboots be used?

The choice of boots depends on the number of hours the horse will be wearing them. It's not a question of strength or sturdiness, but mainly friction with the skin. It is not a question of comfort and cushioning of the sole either.

Close contact hoofboots are 'nicer' to look at and seem easier to use. In fact, it is almost the opposite.

They are lighter, lower, less massive, the water flows better and they are less heavy.

On the other hand, they do not suit every horse, because they require a well-formed hoof, with a regular shape, otherwise the boot will not fit closely around the hoof wall and they will not stay on.

Similarly, you will not have any "room" for the hoof to grow, so you will need regular trimming and maintenance by yourself between two visits from your trimmer or farrier.

Close fitting hoofboots are ideal for long-distance riding and endurance.

Do not rely solely on the sleek lines of certain boots to make your choice. You should base your choice on your skills and experience of trimming and hoofboots.

How do I choose a hoofboot?

There are several models of hoofboots.

First of all, of course, you have to rely on the measurements, because there is a lot of difference between each model: the shapes vary as well as the design. Not all models will fit all horses.

If your horse is “outside the box” in terms of size (pony or draught horse) you will have little choice.

Otherwise, you will have to decide according to your personal preferences:

Some hoofboots are adjusted with cables that become wearing parts and are replaced when they threaten to break. The hoofboots will last longer, but you will need to change the cables from time to time.

Other people prefer rubber straps, which are more reassuring for non-do-it-yourselfers, to adjust the length and/or height at heel level.

Some models don't have a fastening system and just work by suction cup: practical, but as soon as there is a gap between the hoof and boot, it will not work anymore.


Please call us on this line 0033 (0)474887903 for further questions, but only after taking precise measurements of each foot.

We recommend the use of a fitting kit before purchase of a boot in this category (close contact).

Close fitting Hoofboots for horseback riding - endurance - competing

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