Reset Equi'celt - Mental reset


Natural product for horses

Ideal for trauma, anxiety, behavioural problems, lack of confidence or hormonal and nervous imbalance

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Natural restoration of the horse's mental and emotional balance thanks to the power of plants

Reset uses the energetic forces of flowers and plants to help naturally reset the horse's mental and emotional balance, without affecting its physical state.

This balance enables the horse to function optimally, regaining inner harmony so it can adapt better to change, erase bad memories, show greater resilience and experiment with a more positive state of mind.



Examples: changes in behaviour following trauma, abuse, an accident or fears linked to a significant past event (e.g. foals rejected for access to the group and food, etc.).

Anxiety and stress

Examples: anxiety, fear of obstacles, the training arena or during competition, noise, machines, fireworks, fear of separation, anticipation of pain, etc.

Behavioural problems and struggle to adjust to the environment

Examples: aggression, destructive behaviour, refusal to jump or perform, fear of the environment etc. (provided that physical pain has been excluded as a source)

Lack of confidence

Examples: Strong insecurity or lack of confidence in the group, in the person, in performance, etc.

Accompanying change

Examples: change of stable, arrival of new stable mates, change of rider, etc.

Hormonal and nervous imbalances, physical discomfort

Examples: hormonal imbalance and associated pain, epilepsy, chronic lameness, somatisation, etc.

How to use Reset

Dispense 15 drops, morning and evening, in food or on a treat, for at least 6 weeks.

Tip: combine with a positive re-education approach


Product obtained from plants by maceration (Mycena, Nettle, Snowdrop, Bignone, Parrot's Leaf, Ruta Graveolens, Clematis hedge, Red Foxglove), aromatic substances.


50 ml bottle

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