Edhya Form

Sprout barley germination and lactic fermentation probiotics


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Global regulator of the digestive tract which contains sprouted barley, stabilized with lactic bacteria (probiotics), enzyme complex, amino acids and sugars.

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Purposes of use

EDHYA Form regulates the whole digestive tract; it contains sprouted barley stabilized with living and active lactic bacteria (probiotics), enzyme complex, amino acids and sugars.

EDHYA Form is the only product on the market of its kind, where fermentation and stability are mastered.


Live and active lactic bacteria, in high concentration, carefully selected will stimulate microbial digestion in the large intestine and act on gastric acidity.


The enzyme complex (amylase, protease, cellulose and lipase) will help the digestion of grains in the small intestine.


The nutrients complex (free amino acids, fermented sugar, trace-elements, vitamin E, vitamin of the group B) are easily assimilated.


  • Feeds and balances the intestinal flora for better digestion


  • Improves intestinal transit


  • Restores general well being


  • Improves general and muscular condition


  • Assists reproductive processes (fertility, milk production, quality of sperm)


  • Stimulates the appetite


  • Avoids all the consequence of stress, like nervousness, anxiety, and digestive trouble



Sprouted barley stabilized with preservatives rich in lactic bacteria



Administer within food
Foals Yearlings: 150g per day continuously
Adults Horses: 300g per day continuously



18kg (4 bags) Bucket.


Shelf Life

12 months when kept in an airtight container and away from light 

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