Flex Hoofboot


Finnish Hoofboot, made in Europe

The Flex hoofboot is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of activities: in the arena or outdoors.

CAUTION: Sold individually WITHOUT its gaiter or strap.

Colour: noir
Tailles Flex: 85W
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The Flex hoofboot is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of activities: in the arena or outdoors.

CAUTION: the hoofboot is sold bare, but the gaiter and strap are essential. This makes it easier for you to choose the colour of your gaiter.

Use for Flex Horse boot

Manufacturer's advice:

To use it, the rider must think about the horse as a whole and have some knowledge of hoof management.

They provide better cushioning and are better for the joints than hard or rigid-soled shoes.

If the horse's trimming is not balanced (or if the horse's physical/locomotion is not balanced), the horse and the shoes will suffer. It is essential to roll the hoof so as not to weaken the hipposandals.

It's very important to choose the right size and to use a regular rasp (weekly if possible). Trimming must also be carried out in accordance with the horse's anatomy if you want hipposandals that work properly and don't get damaged too quickly.

Technical characteristics

Hipposandal very close to the foot and flexible

The shell of the boot is black, but the gaiters and straps are available in different colours.


  • The most flexible hipposandal on the market.
  • Very easy to put on and take off
  • Very light
  • Roll on the hipposandal
  • Elegant look with the advantage of many colours of gaiters and straps!

Size guide

The size of the gaiters and straps is defined for an average-boned horse. It's up to you to adapt if you think your horse is out of the average range (large pasterns, small hooves or vice versa).

Slim sizes

Taille          Largeur du sabot en mm Longueur maximale du sabot  en mm taille recommandée de guêtre taille recommandée de lanière
80 75-85 90 XS XS
85 80-90 95 XS S
90 85-95 100 XS S
95 90-100 105 XS S
100 95-105 110 XS S
105 100-110 115 S S
110 105-115 120 S S
115 110-120 125 M M
120 115-125 130 M M
125 120-130 135 M L
130 125-135 140 M L
135 130-140 145 L L
140 135-145 150 L L
145 140-150 155 L XL
150 150-160 160 L XL

Round sizes

Taille Largeur du sabot en mm Longueur du sabot en mm Taille recommandée de guêtre Taille recommandée de lanière
80W 80 80 XS XS
90W 90 90 XS S
100W 100 100 S S
110W 110 110 S S
120W 120 120 M M
130W 130 130 M L
140W 140 140 L L

If the hoof is between 2 sizes, we recommend taking the larger size and adding a FlexPad sole.

If the hoof rotates when it moves, we don't recommend a boot strap that's too tight: it will rotate and won't snap back into place during the stride. A slightly looser hipposandal will allow it to snap back into place on its own during the stride.

However, any rotation of the hoof should be investigated and treated if necessary.

If the hoof is unbalanced, the top line of the hoofboot may crack. The top line should follow the top of the hoof exactly, which it will if the hoof has been trimmed correctly.

The photos show the hoofboot with the gaiter fitted to give you an idea of the finished product, but it is sold without the gaiter and strap.

Care and storage

To clean FlexHorse hoofboots, brush them to remove mud and leave them to dry in a ventilated area. If you want to wash them, simply use water and a brush. Do not use soap or solvent-based products.

The TPU used for the shoe is very resistant to "normal" use of the shoe, i.e. maximum trimming every 2 or 3 weeks, a horse with no major problems with its balance or locomotion and a horse that does not step on itself.

If you put your horse's hoofboots in the paddock, make sure that he does not damage the boots. Any damage caused will not be covered by the warranty.

You can use bells to prevent the horse from tearing off or damaging the boots.


Hoofboots should be stored in an airy room at room temperature or slightly cooler, away from direct sunlight and excessive heat: for example, a hoofboot that is wet in a plastic bag or placed in a car in summer will deteriorate.

There are also videos on our youtube channel Ets Weal Sos Sabots

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