Our enterprise

SOS SABOTS was founded in 1994 by two horse enthusiasts, wellness and foot care Isabelle (Doctor in Pharmacy) and Andrew (Master in Engineering Meng). This has started with the Keratex range (innovative foot care), to continue with hipposandales and a range of natural products for the well-being of the horse: digestion, warts, stress, joints, vitamin supplements, drainers, probiotics. ..
The products can be added in the course of the discoveries (it is necessary that Isabelle is persuaded of the interest of a product to resell it)
Our team

Our team consists of Isabelle happy owner of several barefoot horses (Lusitanian, new forest, trotter) whose preference goes to dressage of French tradition, ethology and work in freedom.
Isabelle lived and worked in England as a pharmacist, she speaks English

On the phone, you will often have to deal with Beatrice who is employed full time and who spends 3/4 of her time answering your questions and advising you.
The last quarter, she uses it to pack the orders
She also owns a barefoot saddle mare with which she walks (in hipposandales as it should be)

Then, you have the people of the shade with the computer, the photos, the texts, the tests, the diverse and varied advice: Tristan, Cassandre, Dominique, Nathalie
Lucienne, with its South African equestrian experience, presents on the salons and available in the Jura for advised advice is owner of a harnessed horse (bare feet and shoe 4 feet). Lucienne speaks French, English, Dutch, Afrikans
Everyone, except our webmaster Dominique, knows horses very well

What is our relationship to ecology?
We do our best to limit waste.
We have a special recycling policy: all papers: advertising, envelopes, drafts, old orders go to the grinding machine and are then used to wedge your packages.
So we never buy a rig.
We keep of course all the docking systems we receive, which explains parcels sometimes heteroclite: a few chips, tissue paper, bubbles, paper ... it is for an ecological concern

In the same way, we recycle the cartons we receive, unless they are in too bad condition. That is why, you sometimes have cartons that have already been used and used. We think this is the best way to save "trees". There, on the other hand, we do not have enough and are obliged to buy.
But our goal is to minimize waste. I think it's good to explain it so that you understand how your order is packed


Our direct line 04 74 88 79 03 is here to help you, advise you and take orders. However, it happens that we can not answer: already online, customer to deposit, delivery in progress .. In this case, you "switch" on the answering machine
We do our best to remind you quickly and we thank you for your understanding when it is not the case