• Hoofboots

    Hoofboots are very old and started with the romans. They have been replaced by iron shoes and came back about 30 years ago.

    Because of medern materials they are tough and easy to use

    Hoofboots allow a better fonctionning of the horse hoof

    • You don't know to make holes in the wall  so the horn will become better in terms of quality 
    • Hoofboots show less athrosis and tendon problems on older horses . The rubber soften the contact with hard ground .
    • The horse will have no pain on his sole because of stones 
    • You won't take the risk of dangerous kicks when your horse is out in a paddock
    • Hoofboots avoid slipping on tarmac or stones when out hacking 
  • Easyshoes

    Easyshoe : inbetween a hoofboot and an iron shoe

    This is a sort of shoe in rubber to be glued (can be nailed in some cases)

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