24/7 jogging shoe (Glue-on)

Glu-on shoe for transition, sensitive hooves and competition

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Glue-on boot to avoid takng on/off boots

Easy to apply

same ideal sole as in other jooging shoes

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The 24/7 Jogging Shoe allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a jogging shoe without having to take it on and off every time you use it. The 24/7 Jogging Shoe consists of the All Terrain sole and a leather upper part which is glued on the outer hoof wall.

There is a small hole underneath the sole to allow the hoof to breathe and to flush to avoid bacterial infection etc. The application process is fast and easy due to the cable tie fastening system, and the shoe is glued on the hoof within minutes.

The sole is thick and has an aggressive tread design with an optimal break-over which provides dampening and stability. The testing we did at The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences showed that the All Terrain sole reduces the maximum loads on the hoof at the early landing/ touchdown phase.

The engineered flexible and elastic jogging shoe, allows the hoof to sink into the rubber sole and allows the hoof to have full contact with the sole to secure natural blood flow and hoof functions

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UseDriving, navicular disease, laminitis, transition, endurance, Cross country, Trekking, dressage, Show jumping, dampening, arthritis, gluing, shows, races, sensitive sole, TREC
Type of horsesMini horse, Horse, Pony
Caresensitive sole, navicular disease, laminitis, low heels
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