You have followed the advice of the blog and you have the measurements of the hooves (each hoof can be different, make sure you measured each hoof you need a hoofboot for) 
You can then look at the tables to find out what hoofboots could correspond

First of all, find out ALL hoofboots who can fit your horse
After that, you will decide which one you want depending of the use you have

Endurance riding boot does NOTmean tougher but softer and less soreness. At the same time it will be tighter on the hoof so it will need more regular trimming and might be more difficult to put on

The trail boots will be easier to fit, less tight (less trimming yo do) , so much easier to use if you only ride a few hours a week

The most loved brands are Jogging (ultimate and All terrain), back country and Trail
To be chosen depending FIRST of the hoof size and shape before your own preference

If you own a percheron you will have less choice and you will need an Epic
If it is a tiny falabella, might be a "mini"

Donkeys with narrow feet and high heel are ofteen happy with jogging shoes (all terrain or ultimate) in the slim sizes range

If you are doing endurance riding and if you look for performance the Glove or the Renegade will be for you
When you start at 90 km, the Glu will be your first choice : you will need to learn to glu the boot but this is the boot for champions : winner of the Tevis cup 2016 (as well as place 2,3,4 and 6)

If you ride in an arena orif you drive a carriage, just look at the number of hours you are going to use them per week to see which one to choose

Hoofboots exist as well for care : when the horse is not at work : stable rest or paddock
The zip is just to keep a clean bandage (or clean foot)
The RX is thicker, in case of abces to go in a paddock
And the Cloud has a very thick sole for painful laminitis

To Know :
RX, Transition, Easysoaker and floating boots are tight fitting : we often need a size bigger

If you need advice, don't hesitate to call 04 74 88 79 03 and ask for Isabelle if you want to speak English

You can as well ask for the fitting kit : exists for Glove, back country, Jogging, Renegade, Viper and Floating
You waste a few days but you are sure to get the right boot