In case of high sensitivty, the thickness of the sole will be greater with a pad and the horse will not feel stones anymore

We use the pads when the sensitivity is natural or due to a disease : navicular, laminitis ..

A pad can be used if the shoes is too big (and the smaller size too small). But it is always better to find a boot that fits perfectly

You won't be able to add pads on renegades but all the others will accept them

If you use pads in Epics or Easyboots, you will need to cut the inside strap : there are 4 lines in it : cut off the bottom one for a 6mm pad and the 2 bottom ones for a 12mm pad

What pad should I choose?



If the sole is concave, the "Dome" is done for him. It exists in 4 different sizes and it will bring a lot of comfort and a better blood circulation

If the sole is flat, use the easycare pads

They now exists in 2 thickness 6 and 12 mm

The GREEN colour means a soft sole : for very sensitive soles, choose that one

The RED pad is harder, for adjusting a boot, it will be better, it will last a bit longer

The BLACK pad in in between


There are specific pads for the jogging shoes and they are absolutely brilliant : thin but tough, they will help your horse beeing comfortable in his shoes and they will increase the life of your boots too. Don't hesitate for these ones

beware : they are already cut at the right size so make sure you order the same size as your shoe


The Cloud have a very thick pad which won't fit in any other boot. It is so comfortable that your horses with laminitis will thank you for it

They are already in the Cloud boot when you buy it and if you renew it, don't forget too indicate the right size