You checked beforehand that the hoofboots are correctely ajusted. (explained in another blog article). You had a plastic bag around the hoof and a blanket or cardboard on the floor. They don't turn, they are neither too small, nor too big. You have decided to keep them , it is now time to use them for real!

When you buy a new pair of shoes you don't start with a marathon. It will be the same here
So it is a good idea not to buy them the day before your endurance ride or your day trekking

We advice you to have 3 outings with your new shoes before you can use them properly

1) First time
small outing (30 to 45 minutes) walk only.
If possible, flat and straight

Things to avoid :
  • Put your horse in a paddock or field with his new boots
  • Gallop in the mud
  • Rivers
  • Steep uphills
Why : The material will strech and take the hoof shape. To start with, it is a bit stiif and it won't follow very well so if you do too muc, the boot will take (and keep) a bad shape
If you go uphill, the foot will drop at the back of the boot and then it will be difficult to keep it in front

Once the boot is "done" it won't be a problem anymore

When you get off the horse, check first how your boot is on the hoof. Has it turned? Are there some gaps somewhere? The cable is a bit loose?
Next time you use them, think of correcting these points at the start

Boots with cables : cables will stretch so the first setting will certainly need to be modified overtime

2)  Second outing: Same thing but add a little trot

3) Third outing : Add a little canter on good ground

After that, your boots will be ready to be used wherever you want and how you want

This is valid for "working" boots. For care hoofboots, it is obviously different and you don't need to do anything. They will stretch a bit, you will just need to adjust the velcros