When you receive your hoofboot, the first thing to do is to check that it looks roughly the right size. It is very easy to order the wrong size on an Internet site

After that, you will clean the hooves as well as you can with brush and water.

You will prepare a plastic bag (a freezer bag will be good) and a big rug or a cardboard

You will put the hoof in the plastic bag, insert it in the boot and put the foot down on cardboard or rug.

By doing like that, the boot will stay perfectly clean inside and outside and you will be able to send it back if you don't want it for any reason

How will you know if it is the right size? 

BAsically if you don't manage to insert the hoof it is too small

If the boot moves it might be too big

But after saying that, each boot has its specificity

Epic, Glove, RX, easysoaker are quite hard to put in and you need to get the hang of it

If it is too easy, the boot might be too big

Renegade and Viper need to be very easy to insert otherwise you are going to break the boot

The others are in between

When you have managed to put the hoof in the boot, you pick it up again and you try to move the boot right and left. It shouldn't move too much

Less it moves and more the boot will stay still and less soreness you will have

This is why the boots for long distance riding need to be very tight. If you ride one hour per weekit is a lot less important

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