The first hoofboot I have used on my mare: the easycare Glove. A hoofboot that is so close to the foot you can hardly see it. It demands a very regular trimming, as it must be very well adjusted. But for someone ready to rasp a bit off before fitting it on, the boot shapes around the foot, and the gaiter is also very close to the leg.For a horse reaching forward and hurting himself, it can replace other types of protection, as well as being a hoofboot. It's also very light, I recommend for a rider looking for a very discrete, as close to the foot as it can be and very resistant! After all types of uses, on all grounds, the sole was good as new. I have sometimes done some shows, where the ground is not always very good, or where I had to go through a stony pathway to get to the place, and they are just perfect! No one notices them unless it is mentioned, and I don't have any lameness problem or stones that get in the foot.


Glove hoofboots for dressage